Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Good Witch Encourages a Blue Jay

Note: the embedded copyrights in the online image do not appear in the actual product.

This is a greeting card design I completed a couple of weeks ago. It is now up in my Etsy shop.

Each card is signed and is on linen paper and is printed with archival inks rated to last 100 years, thus they are suitable for framing. I print this way for a limited period of time to test the design, to decipher whether I really like the colors, to get the design out to the market right away so I don’t have to wait through match prints & readjusting colors to CMYK and to see what customers reactions will be before I commit the design to a big press run with a barcode. So, they are special.

I usually charge $3.75 a card at the few galleries and shops I take these designs to (the cost of ink, paper and gallery commission justifies the higher cost), but I am selling them online for under $3 a piece (of course, there is a $1.50 shipping and handling charge, but this is still a good deal!).

As for the design: yes, the witch has pumpkin wings and she is perhaps more related to the faerie species than the witch species as she is somewhat ethereal with her wings, her dress of vines that one can see through and her love of the blue jay (nature).

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