Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Practicing and learning new music, new art show and new gig

This is a new picture of Jim and me last summer. The two of us are spending the evenings practicing and learning new material. We are performing New Year’s Eve with the band. I think we are also playing a Christmas venue, though not entirely sure.

I painted/worked a new piece the entire day and rushed downtown late before everything closed and found out I will be at the holiday art show at Lower Adirondack Regional Art Center. Yippee! This year I will have greeting cards and giclee prints (and maybe an original or two). Oh, yes, and CDs.

Music MYSPACE (hear clips)
My Etsy on-line store for purchasing some of my CDs and some of my art
My band site: Saratoga Faire
My Renaissance band MYSPACE: The Spirites Consort (hear clips)
Purchasing our Saratoga Faire CD on CD Baby

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