Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pull Me to the Sky II

The fact that this has a “II” after its title means, of course, that there is another earlier version, but I haven’t scanned in yet. I don’t know if I want to change some things about the earlier version, or just leave it, so I may not scan it until I resolve this.

These are paintings I have been working on this week. There is also another painting going too, but it is unrelated to this theme.

This is a kind of art that I have never tried before: taking a song I have written and writing it in ink on a piece of watercolor paper and painting over the top of it. I painted birds on top of the writing, but they aren’t prominent, but the birds break out of the middle to the frame of darker paint.

I think that this lyric works well as a stand-alone poem, which is why I chose it. The song is on my Goldenrod CD and a different version is on the Come to Me in Dreams CD (the former version is my favorite of the two).

I am interested in trying more versions as I’m not sure I like the window effect, though I like the fact that I chose to put birds where the writing is, however subliminally.

I don’t have it for sale anywhere yet: I am wondering whether to put it in a gallery or show or put it for sale on-line. I am leaning towards putting it on-line only because the audience for my music is widespread, out of the general area where I live and I think an audience member might appreciate it more than a gallery patron.

Anyway, I don’t feel I am done with this theme and I will post more when the time comes.

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