Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hearts Within Hearts Knotted, one in may green and pink and the other in aqua and salmon

You may have to click on the pictures to see a less blurry version.

Note: copyright watermarks do not appear in actual art

Hearts Within Hearts Knotted is the title to 2 pieces.
These are two new designs I started in 2009, took a break from to practice and perform music and came back to and completed in 2010. They are available in my etsy shop and artfire shop.
I have a fascination with intricacies. It is noticeable in my 2-d art in terms of borders, hearts and shamrocks. In my 3-d art it is most noticeable in the borders of my relief sculptures and the rims of my pottery.

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My band site: Saratoga Faire
My Renaissance band MYSPACE: The Spirites Consort (hear clips)
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