Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knotted Hearts with Knotted Backgrounds, Mediaeval Heart Original ACEO and Art Opening for Barbara Idleman

First up: Knotted Hearts with Knotted Backgrounds (note: the copyright watermarks do not appear in actual art)

These are my newest pieces. Shown are 3 variations, but there are more. I have them at a few shops and online at my Etsy shop.

They were a take-off on my Knotted Shamrocks with Knotted Backgrounds. I thought this idea might translate well into heart designs too. I hope to have some prints out there soon of two of these designs. Right now they are in greeting card format.

Second: Mediaeval Heart I. This is my first original painting ACEO. It was a challenge to paint and draw so small. But I enjoyed it and I liked the fact that it didn't take an endless amount of time the way so many of my other pieces do. The smallest pieces I have painted are 5 x 7s. This even seemed small at the time because previously I had only been painting very large works, the smallest of those being 18 x 24. There is a first time for everything. The design is original even if the title alludes to the Mediaeval period. This is for sale in my Etsy shop because I just couldn't figure out what brick and mortar galleries to display it in and this was the fastest, easiest way to put it up for sale.

I am working on some pieces that are taking an endless amount of time and have a lot of intricacies. I hope to have them finished sometime this winter (if at all possible) and will post as soon as I can. In the meantime, I might be playing with some smaller works.

Lastly: this is a picture that my friend, Ann Casselman (note copyright) took of me with my pottery & sculpture in the background and sent to me via e-mail at Barbara Idleman’s art opening at Hubbard Hall Projects. The show is called, A Vision in Fabrics: A Tribute to Barbara Idleman. There was also a wonderful write-up about her which made me cry. Barbara was a special woman, wise, tactful, friend to all. I wish I had a picture of her work or of the opening, but I don't. I always forget to take a camera.

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