Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shamrock with Knotted Background plus What Happens When You Spend Too Much Time on Etsy

note: copyright watermarks do not appear in actual image.

I was uploading the above image on Etsy last night after a full, exhausting day. It is a greeting card on off white, vanilla colored card stock. Then I went to bed. This is what happened:

I dreamt that Etsy charged me $85 to upload the image of the shamrock. I contacted them on the phone and said: "My understanding is that a listing is 20 cents, not 85 dollars!"

The woman on the phone told me that there was nothing she could do and that I needed to talk to my bank representative. So I waited in line at the bank and finally talked to a teller. I was passed off to a number of bank employeees. Every time I was passed off, I got more and more angry (as if they were doing it on purpose to make my life miserable... which is about how I feel about banks these days, especially the ones that have been bailed out, that they create circumstances to keep/make the general populace in debt in any possible way, especially through deregulation and through convincing the government that they are too big to fail).

Finally when I got to an employee that could give me some answers (an employee in a tight business suit... it was so tight, in fact, that it hugged her knees together so that she couldn't move them apart at all: not even sit in a natural way, but off to one side). She got on her computer and told me that the reason that the listing was 85 dollars was because I had uploaded a huge picture.

"But, it's a greeting card! And I can't make 85 dollars on a greeting card! I just wouldn't upload such a huge image when the product itself is so small!"

And then she turned her monitor around to show me. Just one pixel of the image took up the whole screen and you had to scroll like mad to see the whole image. In fact, you couldn't see that it was a shamrock at all because all you saw was one huge pixel after another.

Of course, I was laughing when I awoke and so was everyone else in my life. "That'll cost you at least $1,000 in postage to send that shamrock!" someone said. "Also, you'll need a tractor trailer truck to move that shamrock!"

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