Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding and Anniversary Custom Art Archival Print with Two Trees and Two Doves

Note: the copyright watermarks do not appear in the actual art. You may have to zoom in to see what it really looks like.
This is a piece I have been slowly working on during my phase of painting very detailed pieces. The detailed pieces are still not completed, but I managed to complete this one.

It is a series of custom prints that I am working on just for Etsy. I had been browsing the site one night and saw a number of tree and dove art pieces for weddings and anniversaries and most were stark graphic depictions in 2 - 3 colors. I thought I'd try a more painterly approach and see what happened. The sky is actually painted seperately from everything else because I wanted to try a number of sky colors. I'll be posting those versions soon in the same place.

The piece is indeed up in my Etsy shop here. I notice that it is getting more views than usual, so maybe Etsy is a wedding store? A place where people buy gifts? Who knows. It's my first on-line store experience aside from CD stores and my website store and I'm still trying to figure out who the community is.

I have been sick with the flu for awhile… huge necessary detour… and this art piece seemed like a good one to take a chance on as my fever was diminishing (with a few symptoms lingering). I just didn't feel comfortable delving into pieces that are taking a long time to design and complete and where a wrong move could derail months of work.

It's not a masterpiece (as so many gifty things aren't), but something that may have appeal in that community.

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