Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bunny with Big Egg (Easter card design)

(note: copyright watermarks do not appear on image)

This is a card design I completed in 2009, but I am posting it today because I thought I should post something (it has been awhile & all of my present work has yet to be scanned).  I have the bunny for sale in a number of shops in my area and in my Etsy store here (or you can browse through all of my present card listings at Etsy here).

This design is from my original painting. The egg, sky, birds and rabbit were painted with watercolor paints while the grass and flowers were drawn with oil based colored pencils. The original design was a lot more colorful, but I decided to desaturate a version in the computer to make it look old and vintage, if slightly Renaissance in flavour. This is the desaturated version.

I have 6 new pieces to post as soon as I can find time to scan.

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