Saturday, March 27, 2010

Exotic Birds

note: copyright watermarks do not appear in actual art
I painted the following 5 fanciful birds as a distraction around the time that I had the flu. I continued to make more after completing the initial one. The first one below was #1 in the series and originally used in a composite painting for wedding prints. You can see the wedding prints from my website here. I actually changed the colors and lightened the birds for the wedding prints, but this is how they look in their "true" unadulterated form:

All are painted on roughly 8.5" x 14" acid free bristol board except the kissing birds which were painted on 7" x 14" bristol. Most birds are about 11" in length using pen and ink and watercolors.

I will probably put the originals in a gallery & sell prints of them online. I haven't decided. But if you are interested in purchasing the originals, feel free to e-mail us and we can give you details about cost and shipping (make sure to inquire about specific pieces).

Exotic Bird I:

Exotic Bird III:

Exotic Bird IV:

Exotic Bird V:

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