Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Unicorn Escapes (also titled a Pawn Escapes)

Continuing with my love of millefeur (see my last 2 blogs)!

The second title refers to chess: any being that is not a king, queen, rook, castle or bishop is a pawn. I also blogged about a raven pawn here.

This is available at this point in time as a limited edition archival print at Lower Adiroindack Regional Art Center and through my Etsy shop.

This is a piece I did in 2008, but it is the first time I have posted it here. It goes with the general theme I have been working on since 2005 which you can find on my website here (the theme includes pottery, painting and fabric). A lot of it was shown for the first time at a 5 person show called Once Again at the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Center.

All of this is "additional" work and meant to fulfill artistic longings, so I don't have as much of this work completed as I would like. My "real jobs" at the moment are greeting card designer and musician. I try to work on my "show" themes when I can find time.

In this piece, I am just starting to get into millefleur mode. The copper border and unicorn choker is much nicer and richer than the scan depicts. It features playing card suits (hearts, spades, diamond and clubs).

Here is a detail of the unicorn:

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