Monday, April 19, 2010

Angel Carrie Celebrates Life

note: copyright watermarks do not appear in actual piece.

I have a lot of new work to post, but in the meantime I am posting this older piece because I started to make some smaller prints of her.

She is part of a limited edition of 95.

The big 18" x 24" prints have been popular and make a bigger impact (especially when viewing in person as opposed to on-line), but I thought I'd try some smaller ones too at the end of the run of 95.

The smaller prints are up for sale for the first time at my Etsy on-line store (12/16/11 edit: they are also available at my Artfire on-line store). 
Music MYSPACE (hear clips)
My Etsy on-line store and Artfire on-line store for purchasing some of my CDs and some of my art
My band site: Saratoga Faire
My Renaissance band MYSPACE: The Spirites Consort (hear clips)

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