Thursday, May 20, 2010

Autumn Tree with Knotted Roots and Knotted Border and Tree with Heart

This is the latest in the series of Celtic inspired art (particularly knotted trees with knotted borders). The Spring version is on this blog post.

At present, I have this up in my Etsy store as archival limited edition prints, but I will probably add greeting cards and tags in this design at some point. (edit on 12/16/11: it is also available through my Artfire on-line store where you don't have to be a member to buy and where I presently have the largest selection of my art).

The next piece is an original painting which is also presently for sale on Etsy. It is almost ACEO size (just a half inch wider in both directions). Which means: it is a 3" by 4" painting. It looks much better in real life (it has a crispness that you just can't get with a monitor).
Oh, yes, I am also in an Etsy treasury celebrating May Babies (of which I am one... or used to be when I was younger!). The treasury was curated by DiemDesignsJewelry.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Queen of Hearts

(note: copyright watermarks do not appear in actual art).

This is an old design (2005), but it is the first time that I am selling prints of her on-line (through Etsy).

2005 was the beginning of starting a theme of Renaissance-inspired art (the inspiration came to me as a flash when we were performing at the Killington Renaisssance Faire toasting our actor and musician friends at the Renaissance banquet). The Queen of Hearts was the first design in this endeavor. Previously, I was making art in any style and theme that took my fancy and I was finding that I felt like a perpetual student of styles (I have a masters degree in Art Education which explains why I am all over the place-- the more a teacher knows about each medium and style, the better she can teach it).

I am no longer teaching (I have replaced that profession with being a musician and visual artist), but I still have a tendency to scatter. Yet I always try to have a few pieces going in the Renaissance-inspired theme. Last year, I was in a 5 person invitational juried exhibit called "Once Again" at Lower Adironack Regional Arts Center in Glens Falls, NY where I featured my pottery, sculpture and painting in this theme.

One other reason for focusing on this theme was that in order to keep my sanity, I decided to focus on art that might go with my music: Renaissance, Celtic and originals about heartbreak and hope, spirituality and peace, shape-shifting and wings. Thus, 2005 was the year I also started those themes on my website gallery.

Here is the queen of hearts in detail. You'll notice that the queens' faces are not the same:

This is is what the greeting card looks like (a little different, eh? Maybe bringing out the gold tones more?):

And this is the back of the greeting card:

Music MYSPACE (hear clips) 
My Etsy on-line store for purchasing some of my CDs and some of my art
My band site: Saratoga Faire
My Renaissance band MYSPACE: The Spirites Consort (hear clips)