Tuesday, August 31, 2010

updates, new member of the Etsy Visual Arts Team

I'm a new member of the Etsy Visual Arts Team (VAST team for short). I'll be posting recent works on their blog as well as this one, though the rule is only wall art, so I won't be posting greeting cards, tags, CDs, pottery & music updates.  But you can still count on those posts here.
The link to their blog on blogspot is here. I already have a new post up.

I am planning on putting some of my pottery up in my Etsy on-line store soon. I have been slowly draining out my pottery inventory from brick and mortar galleries to sell on-line. I'll be emphasizing drawings, paintings, greeting cards, prints, tags and journals for brick and mortar galleries and shops, but will no longer be selling pottery in a brick and mortar gallery unless it is for a specific art exhibit.

I will also be phasing out my "gift shop" pottery unless on-line sales are amazing.

If I do work in clay again in the future, my plan is to make only art pottery & sculpture.

But before I can post my pottery here, first we have a performance coming up at a folk festival in the Lake George area and I am entering a piece into a juried exhibit. So, those things take precedence before I can start the long process of picture-taking, listing and configuring shipping. I'll post as soon as I've figured out all of the issues with listing on-line.

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other links
My Etsy on-line store for purchasing some of my CDs and some of my art
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My band site: Saratoga Faire
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