Monday, March 7, 2011

Is that my face in that balloon?

Jim Manngard: digital artwork
from a photo of me by Jim Lestrange

I thought this was pretty darned cool when Jim Manngard sent this to me, so I'm posting it here. Jim does a lot of fun digital work for his friends including photos with art (and special meanings) around the frames as well as funny self portraits (including himself as Matryoshka dolls!). Not too much of it out there on the web to see, which is too bad, but it is why I'm posting this one here.

He started his balloon series with the Blackmores Night Band. It is a balloon with a picture of the band with the caption "Blackmore's Night Minstrel Band flying high and reaching for the stars". Days later he made Ritchie and Candice (the married leaders of that band) balloons shaped like hearts flying over a lake. I had told him that I liked these pieces, so he sent me this version. Jim works for Blackmores Night as part of the sound team and takes a lot of tour pictures, some of which he converts to digital art when he is home.

You can see a few of Jim's photos on the Blackmores Night website and the Candice Night website.

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