Tuesday, March 22, 2011

original drawings on small jigsaw puzzles

Mermaids and Fishes II
© 2011

Mermaids and Fishes I
© 2011

Stars and Doves I
© 2011

Leddy, the Exotic Bird
© 2011

Note: I was planning on this blog post being about the Etsy privacy disaster (as promised from the previous post), but I am putting it off until the next time I blog. It's more pleasant to share new work:

The puzzles (above) are pieces I made yesterday and today. They are original drawings using india ink and professional artist's markers on small blank jigsaw puzzles. Very liberating! I usually plan most of my artworks with preliminary drawings. This is the first time in years when I just took my pen and drew. In other words, I winged it!

I am putting them up for sale in my artist's co-operative gallery, Valley Artisans Market.

Valley Artisans Market celebrated their 30th anniversary this last Sunday with a potluck for members (past and present) and their families.

I usually don't post work that I take to galleries and shops, but perhaps I will start.

Valley Artisans Market is a combination gallery/artisan's market/gift shop. Everything in the shop is locally made. My own handmade items in this shop include framed giclee prints, small wheel thrown vessels and sculptures, greeting cards, gift tags, jig saw puzzles, painted and printed teeshirts and painted and printed tote bags. They also allow me to have my CDs for sale in the shop.

The shop is located in a town very close to where Grandma Moses lived and painted and is often filled with summer and autumn tourists who want a taste of an older America. The area hasn't changed too much since she lived there. The houses still look like the houses she painted. There are no big box stores except a small Cumberland Farms and an Agway. There are no condos, parking lots or apartment buildings. It is like stepping back in time.

The gallery is what you'd expect in an area where Grandma Moses lived: fairly conservative with lots of paintings of the rural landscape and farm animals. Perhaps my work is less conservative than most of the work in the gallery.


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