Friday, March 18, 2011

Simon Lovey, Exotic Bird

© 2011
part of the Exotic Bird Series I have been working on
7th in the series

This is listed as a giclee print through this link in my Artfire shop.

I tend to do work on my exotic bird series when I am stressed out or the weather is too hot to think straight. I can just make up what I want as I go along; I don't have to worry about being true to persective or color. I look at these pieces as simply joy.

Joy is a good juxtaposition to being stressed out (sounds so obvious, doesn't it?).

I don't mind telling my readers that my state of stress concerns Etsy's latest privacy breaches. I will go into a lot more detail about the matter in my next blog post, but to briefly keep you abreast, Etsy changed its privacy policies recently and disclosed all buyers' real names to the general public (buyers could opt out of having their real names disclosed-- but many buyers were not aware of any of Etsy's change of privacy policies because they never received Etsy's e-mails). To make a log story short, what people bought on the Etsy site was searchable through google. The story broke on all of the major media (MSNBC, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc). This effected sellers too, as buyers were blaming sellers for recommending and advertising the site, a site they (the buyers) thought was secure.

At this point, I cannot in good conscience recommend Etsy until this has been worked out to my satisfaction, thus the warning after my Etsy link below:

(You do not need to be a member of this site to buy—secure site... and largest selection)

(You need to be a member of Etsy to buy--secure site... seasonal selection)

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