Sunday, May 15, 2011

admiration for ArtdeJoie

I can't resist telling you about this! Remember I had done a satire piece about Etsy called "Etsy Deluge" (complete with owl, cowl, mustache and the kinds of clouds that Etsy loves)? If not, here it is again (this was the blog post about it if you want to delve further):

Well, after I posted it, ArtdeJoie told me she was working on her own satire piece. It is called, Hipster Jury. Here it is:
Hipster Jury by ArtdeJoie
Copyright Joy Appenzeller Bauer, 2011
(click on the painting above to buy from ArtdeJoie-- if it has sold, she may have prints, so check the rest of her shop too)

It is modeled from the Henri Gervex painting, "Salon Jury".

In the 1800s in Paris during a time when Impressionism was in full swing, the all-powerful Paris Salon, which put on the premier exhibits of its day, rejected Impressionist works (the ones we so admire today) and tilted their curation unfairly towards certain kinds of painting styles, defined as Academic.

In ArtdeJoie's painting, the artists who get preferential treatment are not based on merit or formal fine art training, but upon subject matter: the owl, fox, mustache and cupcake. Further promotion is granted based on hearts, tweet frequency, popularity, networking circles and conformity to hipster tastes.

Indeed, in a recent Etsy Success Writing Workshop on Etsy's website, mtraub says, "Your MFA and press mentions are all well and good, but I'm far more persuaded to buy your resin sculpture because of your weekend zydeco band and passion for coleslaw."  


Anyway, I admire ArtdeJoie and her "Hipster Jury" painting.

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