Thursday, September 1, 2011

frustration with leaving comments on blogs

I was wondering why it was so hard for folks to leave comments on my blog! I had noticed that when I was designing the gallery tote bag, no one left me comments, but e-mailed me instead (I got over 20 e-mails from members of the gallery as well as some graphic designers I know).

Then when Karen Anne Brady left me a comment on my latest entry, I discovered I couldn't leave a comment back on my own blog!

I found out that Bloggers default settings only allowed certain accounts (ones which require additional passwords, profiles, personal information and agreements of TOUs). It used to be that Blogger automatically allowed comments, because it is a google account which you have to sign up to use, after all. But this is not the case any more. Even the open ID does not work (at least when I have tried to use it -- when you try to leave a comment, it erases the comment instead -- and I usually have to e-mail the artists my comments instead). Previous to the new settings, I used to leave comments on other people's blogs and my Blogger picture (the one to the right where I am wearing Celtic green and holding a guitar) would show up, but that isn't allowed any more either.
Anyway, having learned a lesson, I tried to figure out how to change the comments section of this blog to allow anonymous comments again. I succeeded after nearly ten minutes looking for the settings (it isn't intuitive at all). Even leaving comments on my own blog, I am relegated to being an anonymous user (so weird).

If any of the artists I follow wonder why I don't leave comments any more it is because of these default settings (most of you have the default settings "on" like I did).

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  1. Thanks for the info Lise! I'm gonna to change mine so that anonymous comments can be left on both of my blogs too .... see if it makes a difference ....