Sunday, February 19, 2012

what I'm going through and new Etsy team

My life seemed to have taken a dive off a cliff on January 21 and hit bottom on February 14 (I think!! -- hopefully that is where the bottom is). Without going into too much detail, I haven't been posting or making many new things because of this new set of events, so I thought I'd do something different for a change and use the blog to promote some other artists while I am recuperating from events.

I joined a team on Etsy about a month ago. We are a team of about 80 sellers, all from the Artfire site initially (some of us are still sellers on Artfire). We are called the TART team. It is a very supportive team in every way imaginable -- personally and in business. I feel more connected to the sellers on it than I have ever felt about any other team I've joined in my life, including all of the brick and mortar art co-operatives I've joined. It is a fantastic group of talented people! I feel very lucky to be part of it!

Stay tuned!

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