Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday Head

newest cartoon birthday card design
© 2012
available on-line in my Artfire store through this link
it will also be available at some of the brick and mortar stores in my area
(copyright watermarks do not appear on the actual cards)

If you know my work, you know that this is a total departure for me. 

But cartooning has always been an interest all the way back to when I started this blog and this is my first attempt. The inspiration for this card actually came in a dream (even the cartoon element). Gotta feed the muse!

I have more cartoon designs up my sleeve, but first I have to get through Easter before I finish them. I may be able to sneak in some finished projects though (in more of my usual style!). 

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  1. I like that! It is totally different to your other artwork but it's colourful and fun!

  2. Hey, thanks, Tina! It is designed to get a chuckle!