Friday, May 4, 2012

Arrival of the Hummingbirds

Arrival of the Hummingbirds
© 2012
original watercolor and ink painting on Arches Watercolor paper
10" x 15" (size of painted surface)
I may have prints in the future; this is set aside for an art show in my area for now

This rounds out the fourth (and final painting and largest -- at least for now -- of the series). If you haven't been following along, the rest of the series is HERE. The theme is "farm animals in the garden" and the reason for focusing on this theme has to do with personal experience: I grew up in the country next to a farm. Sometimes the farm animals would break through their fencing and be in my parents flower garden eating everything in sight.

This is my favorite one out of the series and it reflects my style the most. I wish I could have taken more time to do more elaborate paintings like this one for the series (and perhaps will in the future). I like the fantasy-like aspects of this one, the big flowers, the hummingbirds coming in for a landing... it seems to tell a story (which is what I like my original paintings to do). 

I actually used the same sheep model from the previous painting, but prefer how the wool is depicted in this one over the last one. Watercolor paint just has a magical way of translating the texture of wool that I couldn't quite capture with acrylic paint. 

As for the "Rooster in the Garden"... I had to change that to "Hen in the Garden". Jim, my significant other, pointed out that roosters have a much bigger crown than hens. Unfortunately, when I submitted the art work to the art show for jurying, the old title was part of it. Now they'll know I don't know my farm animals (**wince**)!

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  1. Oh wow .... that is awesome .... it almost seems to move ... you're right, the sheep's wool in this piece is amazing ... This one is so well done, you knocked me into a quiet stun ... it is exquisite ...

  2. Karen Anne, and that's why the other ones aren't quite up to my standards (a little too rushed).


    But one of the things I discovered in this whole process is that I actually like painting with acrylics even though they dry too fast (and oils dry too slow). I am going to try working with them again (while still keeping my hand in watercolor) and see where it gets me.

    Thank you for your comment!