Sunday, May 6, 2012

painted butterfly box in french blue

painted butterfly box in french blue
© 2011 (but first time revealed)
hand painted trinket or jewelry box, one of a kind
4.75" long x 2.75" in width and 1.5" in depth (i.e. 12.065 cm long, 6.985 cm in width and 3.81 cm deep)

There is only one, but I am listing it in two shops and hope that no one buys them at the same day, hour and minute. It can be purchased through my Artfire on-line shop through THIS LINK  or through my Etsy on-line shop through THIS LINK.

This box was actually the first one that I painted in the series (even though I listed the mint one first -- the mint one can be viewed HERE and was actually the second one in the series ... or if you want to see the whole series, you can see all four HERE -- when I have them all listed, of course).

The right butterfly has a little less bright yellow in it than I put in the mint green box. I used the same template for all four boxes, but for the first two boxes, I wasn't entirely happy with the right butterfly, so you'll see that it changes for the last two boxes.

These four boxes will be the only ones I'll make with this template. In fact, I don't know if I'll paint any more boxes. I enjoy them, but I have many more ambitious projects I would like to accomplish. I painted these at a time when I was just happy to have a real studio, with its own running water and cupboards, a big work table (i.e. not my dining room table) and room to move around. I went a little crazy painting everything in sight, including things for my own house. Some day, perhaps I'll show you some of those too, but for now, I have a lot of boxes to list.

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