Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peace, Christmas style trinket box

painted peace box in light yellow
© 2011 (but first time revealed on-line)
hand painted trinket or jewelry box, one of a kind
4.75" long x 2.75" in width and 1.5" in depth (i.e. 12.065 cm long, 6.985 cm in width and 3.81 cm deep)

There is only one, but I am listing it in two shops simultaneously and hope that no one buys them at the same day, hour and minute. It can be purchased through my Artfire on-line shop through THIS LINK  or through my Etsy on-line shop through THIS LINK.

This one is not part of a series, at least not now (and doubt it will ever be as I want to devote my time to more ambitious projects). It was part of my "paint everything in sight phase" during the winter of 2011. I painted it just after painting 4 for Christmas presents for family members (Christmas 2010, that is -- we are going back!). Each present/box had my family member's name on it. Afterwards  I thought I'd try one for the general public.  For all intents and purposes, I guess it is a Christmas box.

As for my other art that I am known for -- I realized that taking pictures of all of these boxes and trying to list one a day is very, very, very time consuming. Wow! I miss doing my art and am getting ever so slightly depressed from not doing it. It seems like just at the point I get done with pictures and listing, I have to pack up cards for one of the shops I'm in or I have to go grocery shopping or something gets in the way. I'm not used to this! Argh!

But I also realize the necessity of clearing out my studio too as the boxes have nowhere to live at the moment. They are all sitting on top of my sewing box and every time I need to get into it, I have to take stacks and stacks of boxes off of it. Well, not just the boxes, but other painted objects on top of the boxes as well (you'll see eventually what I'm talking about). And I need to sew, so they are becoming a nuisance. Hopefully a beautiful and worthy nuisance to someone else!   

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