Thursday, August 9, 2012

Meet Lyn of 3 Cedars Jewelry!

Jasper Pendant with Copper Spirals
available HERE

Lyn has been making jewelry for 20 years. Today I am focusing on her wire wrapped jewelry, but she has many other kinds of styles available in her Etsy shop HERE.

Lyn has a daytime job as an Optician. 

Here is another piece by Lyn:

 Tigers Eye Pendant with Copper Spirals
available HERE

Here is another piece:

Agate Pendant with Drusy and Silver Filled Spirals
available HERE

Lyn also makes earrings in this style:

Ametrine Rough Cut Earrings
available HERE


  1. All of her things are so pretty. I especially like the rough Ametrine earrings.