Monday, August 6, 2012

Skeleton Key Jewelry or Trinket Box

Skeleton Key Trinket or Jewelry Box
one of a kind
© 2012
available HERE through my Artfire on-line shop
it may also be available HERE through my Etsy on-line shop 

This box is painted primarily in french blue. The skeleton key design is my own (in other words, no real skeleton keys were used for the model).

I'm showing one of the boxes I painted at the beginning of 2012. The rest of them listed (at least so far!) were painted in 2011. The whole series can be found HERE.

This could also serve as a box to stash your keys, particularly skeleton keys.

Admittedly, I painted this partly because I like the ornate qualities of skeleton keys and also to please the Etsy Gods (as they are more likely to pay attention to certain kinds of subject matter over others).

Here is another view:

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