Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meet Bette Be Good Vintage and Another Time Vintage Apparel!

Vintage 1980s Black Beaded Belt with Multi Colored Flowers XS 26 waist
available HERE

I always loved cummerbund belts from the 1980s. I still have many of them from that era in my closet that I still wear (gave up the big hair that went with these, though!).

Bette has several shops. She primarily focuses on vintage apparel from the Victorian era through the 1960s (but tries to narrow her focus even more to the 1940s - 1950s). This belt is an exception.

Bette's website is Another Time Vintage Apparel and the Etsy shop that featured this belt is Bette Be Good Vintage. Bette also has another Etsy shop called Bette's Bargains.

(Tina of Blue Tine Jewellery also has a blog post about Bette this week HERE). 


  1. Well done, Lise! Unfortunately, I've never had the sort of waist for a lovely belt like that!

  2. You can't get any better than fashion with beads. LOL!

  3. That beaded belt is gorgeous! I can remember, once upon a time, when I could actually wear them! I had a passion for wide belts ... til my waist widened ... (sigh)