Friday, April 19, 2013

introducing the Tartbeats!

I made the banner 
(except the flying monkey with the shield on the left; that was made by Beth of Great Graphics)

Find out about us HERE (we just started a blog). 

We orginanally all came from Artfire, then became a team of close friends who support each other and chat about everything under the sun. Some of us are in the process of starting up our own e-commerce sites. We are a diverse group of sellers (supplies, vintage, art and handmade). 

I think we are an unusual team because most teams have a medium in common. We have friendship in common. We invite you to become a friend too by following our blog and commenting on our posts. Hope to see you there


  1. Exciting news, Lise! I shall be getting involved with this blog when I get back to Spain at the beginning of May.

    1. Looking forward to it, Tina! You always were a wonderful blogger!

  2. You have created a unique and diverse group ... well done! Wishing you great success with your new group and blog! 8)

  3. Hi Lise,
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