Tuesday, April 22, 2014

commemorative art: for Robert F. Winne

Robert F. Winne commemorative art
© 2014
completed on the one year anniversary of his death
center design by Robert F. Winne
complimentary border design by Lise Winne

My father always loved pattern. He was an architect, but made lots of little doodles. This is one that I responded to and thought I would use for a commemorative piece. It is a rare color doodle (he tended to work in pen and ink because he was color blind). It is interesting that he included red and green in this design since he often couldn't tell them apart. 

His doodles focused on pattern and shapes and they tended to be symmetrical (unusual for a man since women tend more towards symmetry in their art than men do).

When I was younger, particularly in highschool, my art was mostly abstract art and some of it looked quite a lot like his. Perhaps I will share it some day. But then after getting the "sculpture bug" after going to a lecture and slide show on Kathe Kollwitz when I was 18 years old, I decided that I wanted to make visceral art instead, in the Kollwitz tradition, pieces that made statements, had meaning, spoke about things that mattered. It went with my Quaker background too (causes). I did make quite a lot of it (never published on the web) until about 1998 or so, when I decided to compliment my Renaissance CD, "Wingd With Hopes" with fantasy related art and music. Now I have gone back to "Expressionist" art and illustrations for a little while until I complete a few "assignments". Then I'll be back here. Promise.

I hope this border design is like a big hug to my dad. I think he would have liked it? He tended to like bold pattern.

I started a blog about my father HERE. The table of contents is on the right hand side. Unfortunately I haven't been able to put as much time into it as I would have liked. That's another story...