Monday, December 1, 2014

Red Christmas Star with Dove and other holiday cards for 2014

Red Christmas Star with Dove
© 2014

available for sale in my Artfire on-line store HERE

I made a bunch of holiday card designs this year. This is one I made that is for sale on-line as well as selected brick and mortar stores. 

The next is one I made is available at some brick and mortar shops this year as small 3 x 5 cards, but I ran out of them for my on-line store. I may have them available (fingers crossed) for on-line purchase sometime in December, so check back in my Artfire Christmas Card Category HERE if you are crazy about them and want a pack.

Angel Lisa and her Thoughts
© 2014

available for sale in some selected brick and mortar shops
contact me at sales(att) if interested

The original, a mini drawing, is for sale on-line, however, but is slightly different in coloring (more blues) with a different title:

Lisa, the Healing Angel 
© 2014
size: 3,5" x 4.25" mini drawing

available for sale in my Artfire on-line store HERE

This was all part of a series. Lisa, the Healing Angel was the largest. 

Some of the rest of the series follow. These are all super-minis with the tiniest being Angel Denise at 1.75" x 2.5" and the largest being Angel Sally at 2.5" x 4.25":

two healing angels and one heart angel
© 2014
Eliza, the Heart Angel is available for sale as an original already matted at Valley Artisans Market (a gallery/gift shop in upstate, NY)

This next piece can either be a Christmas or NewYear's design (people are now buying them for both occasions in the holiday art shops I am in). I have them in all sizes of greeting cards, from minis to 5 x 7s. In my on-line store, for the moment, I've listed 5 x 7s in a pack. However, if you want more or less than that, contact me through my Artfire on-line store. 

Bird Eating Stars
© 2014

available for sale in a pack of five cards HERE