Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas at Valley Artisans Market 2015

Christmas at Valley Artisans Market, 2015
photo © Debra Ann Salat

My piece for the themed holiday show is the round red circle (as well as a couple of other pieces like it -- not shown). It is my own design (not Swedish folk art), but it is Swedish-inspired art! -- and after all, that is the point of being an artist, coming up with your own creative ideas based on the theme!

There are a lot of ornaments for sale. My favorites included some corn husk angels with a santa lucia crown by Bliss White McIntosh, handmade red glass birds by Cheryl Gutmaker and hand embroidered red stockings with white snowflake patterns by Debra Ann Salat.

Bliss White McIntosh corn husk angel with Santa Lucia Crown:

bird ornaments by Cheryl Gutmaker:

I don't have an image of Debra Ann Salat's, but they remind me of these birds, embroidery style.

Every holiday season, Cambridge, NY has a themed holiday. Last year it was Poland, and this year it is Sweden. This is the first year the gallery took part in the village theme and asked artists to make something that would contribute to the theme.

I thought it was a lot of fun -- these events always are, even if they take me out of my usual art style.

I made so many Christmas designs this year, more than usual, primarily for greeting cards and tags, but I have had no time to publish any of them here. It has been so hard to keep up with everything on my plate. Perhaps I can put them up another time.

Happy holidays to all! 

Valley Artisans Market
216 W Main Street
Cambridge, NY
Hours: 10 - 5 Mon - Sat
11 - 2:30 Sun

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