Monday, June 27, 2016

super mini works of art circa 2016, plus news


If you have been reading along, you know that I did a side-line called the bouquet series. I was trying to get them all uploaded to my on-line store during a time when I was involved with a bunch of local gallery shows, and then tourist season hit. Needless to say, I haven't uploaded them all yet, and will in due time, but tourist season has to take precedence. 

One of the things I make for galleries are these small mini original works of art. This is just a sample of some bunny pieces I made. The largest one here is 5 inches by 5 inches, and the smallest is about an inch. 

Bunnies are popular for kid's bedrooms, and because they are so tiny, super affordable.

I tend to sell these in more tourist-type galleries.

The next ones are more typical for galleries with a family-oriented clientele (includes museum gift shops which have local art in them, and such). In this sample are two monsters, which, again, are popular for kid's bedrooms, particularly a boy's bedroom:

couple with kissing hats (l)
monsters (r)

The next ones are black and white india ink drawings (experiments). They tend to go in more fine art-oriented galleries:

If you are interested in any of these, and they haven't sold, and I can easily retrieve one, just send me an e-mail at sales (att) lisewinne (dot) com. 

On the bouquet series:
I actually haven't stopped making new designs for the bouquet series like I thought I would. When something is successful, it is hard to stop, even though I feel stretched very thin these days. I work on this series late at night sometimes, when I'm feeling a little brain-dead, as it doesn't take as much thought as a painting or drawing. I will show you my newest designs when I have a significant number of them. If you are new to my blog, the bouquet series is HERE if you want to know what I am talking about.

Here is just one piece to whet your appetite. This one cannot be a print like so many others could. It is only meant to be a greeting card. The actual card has writing on it:

birthday bouquet

New series of paintings:
I also have a new series of paintings that I have been submitting and showing at galleries. I finally feel like I hit on a style that I can live with for the long haul and that most galleries will show. I hope to show them to you soon because, wow, have I been inspired and working hard! 

In some of last year's posts, I felt like there were too many painters in my area, so I embarked on a series of altered photographs. My hope was to bring something new to the local area shows, and have a different medium so that I wasn't competing with other artists, but the photos were thought to be a little too quirky (upstate is a conservative area, art-wise, in that they don't seem as open to "the new").

So, one day, I was painting on a canvas I had around for ages, and viola! A new series was born! And the other thing that happened was that it seemed like a genuine style for me. It wasn't forced. 

And I got accepted so much easier into the local art scene than with the altered photos. However, that brings me to my next subject:

Continued series of altered photographs:
I am still interested in altered photos. I'm just not ready to throw in the towel yet on this series and the ideas I have for the series. I'll just have to wait for the right kind of gallery or show, and the right opportunity. It might mean going to New York City or Boston if necessary. 

If you are new to my blog, you can find some of the series by scrolling around on these posts for the titles I have listed here: Followers as ZombiesBacchanalian Freak Show with Hieronymus Bosch Treatment, Sunglasses, The Dance II (final), Sippy Cup.

I haven't been able to find the kind of time I need to finish a lot of these pieces, but I work on them every now and then. 

I certainly go to a lot of events where I like to shoot photos which include Renaissance Faires, Beltane events, parades, Victorian streetwalks and costume events. 

I did an all-day photo shoot at a Renaissance faire already this year. I usually go alone, and I always go in costume, and I always have fun, and meet a lot of interesting creative people, and sometimes buy too much too. Who can resist a new corset, or a long hand made leather belt with a buckle with a unicorn on it? 

The last Renfaire I went to was cold and extremely windy. But ...  I got to wear my red velvet cape, something I made, and haven't been able to wear since 2007 because it has always been too warm.

This photo probably won't be part of the series, but I liked the movement and framing of the figures, and this little girl was so exuberant, pretty, full of joy, dancing, interested in everything, my muse for the day. It is interesting how you can appreciate the spirit of someone just by focusing in on someone through a lense. 

little girl worshiping a bird

Statement oriented art series:
This is more of what I live for than anything else, but it is sometimes hard to find the time with a greeting card business in full swing. I try to do one piece a month. 

At this point, the designs are mostly illustrations, not fine art oriented. I hope to work more and more in the direction of fine art oriented pieces as time goes on, in the spirit of Eric Fischl, but with different subject matter entirely. 

Here is a piece you may have seen on this blog before of a scapegoat (painting HERE) except I have altered it for another version to make it more tapestry-like:

Scapegoat Healing

Actually, this isn't a typical piece in the series, but it goes with the art style of this blog. 

Illustrations for a book:
I know, I know ... looks like too many irons in the fire already! But this has been a couple of years in the making, and the book carries an important message. During "the big reveal", I will finally get to show you!

'Til next time!!