Sunday, September 4, 2016

Unicorn in a Pink Heart

Unicorn in a Pink Heart
© Lise Winne
for sale HERE

This piece is brand-spanking new. It is actually a "digitized piece" that I worked on for a long time. It originated from this piece. It has a different kind of heart around it, plus it has the deep red vine border design. The eye color of the unicorn is also green and the hummingbird has a bit more green in it than red.

In my store, you'll notice that you can customize, and that there are other products than just prints. Following are just a few customization options, and how to do it. 

Here are some framing possibilities:

This one is with the art work size set at 20" x 24"
(the 20" x 24" is a large size, so go smaller if you'd like):
This is a copper frame with a "manor white" matte

Here is how to do it:
On the right, click on prints, and then find framed prints.
Alternatively, go HERE where the framed prints are
click the arrow where it says framed prints on the right hand side
Then you'll see a tab come up just underneath it
You'll see a bunch of tabs running underneath the "framed prints" 
(and underneath the tab, you'll see the framing possibilities --
note: the frame defaults to a black frame -- yuck, but you can change that)
Anyway, up where the tabs are, click on 1. for the size print you want.
Then click on 2. for the frame.
You'll notice right before all the little square pictures of frames, you can choose a frame color.
This one is in the copper section (click on VN4 on the top row).
Then click on 3. for a mat color
This one is "manor white" which is the fourth one in at the top.
Then click on 4. 
I usually go for the Somerset Velvet. It has the best picture quality for my taste,
but if you want to save money and it is going in an area where sun will hit it part of the day,
or in a bedroom, then the archival matte paper is fine.

Here is another possibility:
size: 12" x 14"
mat: Williamsburg Red Matte
frame: Silver (RWB13)
note: some of the frames have a mixture; 
this one has silver and gold even though it is in the silver category.

Here is how a pillow looks ...  
(you can also customize these with different colors and making the picture bigger or smaller on the pillow)
another possibility:
If that isn't enough, what about a duvet cover ...
Maybe a teenage girl might like this.
(these are also customizable in terms of colors, by the way)

Then there are totes
(also customizable)
These square totes are on this page in a variety of sizes 
There are also more here and here

Here are some phone cases (i-phone case and galaxy phone case -- all in a number of sizes)
Phone cases are here
There are also greeting cards in this design, but I don't think I need to show them. They run $5 for an individual card or $45 for 25 cards ($1.80 each). 
$1.80 each is definitely a good price if you have a store you are selling out of, or if you are an individual doing bulk mailing.

Sometimes I like to ask myself, with each new design that I put out, would I buy this design? The answer is yes. In fact, the duvet cover would look great in our new place and it will probably go there. Not every design looks good on a duvet cover, but that one does: it is the right kind of dimensions to fit the kind of space the duvet cover allows. My second choice would be the pillow in the dark red version.

It has been exciting opening a new on-line store. There are many more designs to come, but the process of listing is laborious, as you can imagine.

another link to my entire on-line store with so much more to come

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