Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Vigilant Unicorn

Vigilant Unicorn
available HERE for sale
I tell how to customize below

This piece is from 2012, and I still have the original ACEO (without the border) for sale HERE.

Here is another version:

Here is how to do it:
On the right, click on prints, and then find framed prints.
Alternatively, go HERE where the framed prints are
click the arrow where it says framed prints on the right hand side
Then you'll see a tab come up just underneath it
You'll see a bunch of tabs running underneath the "framed prints" 
(and underneath the tab, you'll see the framing possibilities --
note: the frame defaults to a black frame -- yuck, but you can change that)
Anyway, up where the tabs are, click on 1. for the size print you want.
Then click on 2. for the frame.
You'll notice right before all the little square pictures of frames, you can choose a frame color.
*The first one is in the gold section (click on VN7).
*The second one is in the gold section too (click on 4VS).  
Then click on 3. for a mat color
*The first one is "Mist matte" which is in the second row towards the end.
*The second one is "moss green matte" -- in the fourth row all the way to the end of the row
I usually go for the Somerset Velvet paper. It has the best picture quality for my taste,
but if you want to save money and it is going in an area where sun will hit it part of the day,
or in a bedroom, then the archival matte paper is fine.

Here are some pillow possibilities using the same kinds of sliders and swatches
(pillows here):

using the customization colors and sliders it is:
R (105) G (98) B (58)
or #69623a

Here are some other possibilities you can get by playing around with colors:

The reason for all of these possibilities? To go with your decor.

Here is a greeting card with a light green background:

This background color is:
R (215) G (220) B (193)
or #d7dcc1

Here is how it looks as a tote bag
(tote bags are $19.98 for the smallest, and 
$24.25 for the largest):

Here is how it looks as a shower curtain (cool, yes?):

More products are available in this design HERE.
My continually growing on-line shop is HERE (note as of this writing it is a new shop).
Again, the original, a very tiny drawing, as of this writing, is for sale HERE for $25.

Thanks for looking!

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