Sunday, December 18, 2016

French themed holiday ornaments and wall hangings, this year's ornaments

French inspired heart with doves wall art
© Lise Winne, 2016
selling at Valley Artisans Market during the holidays, 2016

Every year Cambridge, NY has a holiday theme and the little shops that dot the main drag take part in some way. Our gallery, Valley Artisans Market, also takes part in the theme. 

This year's theme was France and this is my interpretation of the theme. It is loosely based on the folk art of France, but it is also consistent with many other paintings I have been working on and will be showing in galleries and art centers in my area starting in 2017. This is the only folk art piece in the series, but it is close enough to "my style" (the style I show in my part of the country, at any rate).

This is not a very big painting. It is approximately 7" across and on wood. Hopefully it also has some elements of the holiday too.

Here is a mini painting I made (even smaller), approximately 4.5" across on wood:
French inspired heart with doves wall art II
© Lise Winne, 2016
selling at Valley Artisans Market during the holidays, 2016

Next up are a group of mini paintings on 4" x 4" canvases I made; the one in the heart has sold:

4" x 4" mini paintings of doves
available at Valley Artisans Market during the holidays, 2016

Next up are all of the pieces I made for the show and holiday season in general except the first one I showed above:

mini paintings and ornaments (the round ornament and the dove in the heart has already sold)

The horses are reversible.

Some of the hand painted pieces I made last year for the Swedish theme are still available in my alcove at the gallery, but they are selling, and I probably won't make new ones. I don't have pictures but they are red and white and quite symmetrical. Last time I checked, there was still a tree-topper I made there too.   

I am also selling at Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council. Items include Christmas card packs, Hanukkah card packs, holiday card singles, mini holiday cards (for gifts), gift tags, giclee prints as well as other note cards in various themes (wedding, baby, anniversary), and of course, birthday cards.

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