Monday, December 12, 2016

new in my shop: treble clefs on home decor, teeshirts, mugs and tote bags

Turquoise Treble Clef with Turquoise and Blue Border
available through THIS LINK
treble clefs come in a multitude of colors including pink, gold and purple:
check THIS LINK to be taken to the entire collection (and to purchase if you so desire)

Bear with me as these treble clefs come in a variety of colors and products. Products include mugs, tote bags, home decor (bed covers, prints, pillows, shower curtains), large round beach towels and phone cases. Some of the other variations of treble clefs are gold, pink, brown and dark purple (I show at the bottom of the post)

This is what the turquoise treble clef looks like on a mug
(the treble clef is printed on two sides of the mug):

available through THIS LINK

next up is a pillow design:

available HERE

and a tote bag:

available HERE

There are also teeshirts in any color of your choice.

This one happens to be long sleeved and in a silver color:
available HERE

Here are what some of the others look like:

all treble clef designs available HERE (and ... I will always be making more,
so check back for them ... if interested, of course!)

the whole shop is HERE  

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