Monday, September 25, 2017

Art Show, "Inspired by Spirit" with Marina Petro, at Valley Artisans Market

Above: oil painting by Marina Petro
Below: acrylic painting by Lise Winne

Where: Valley Artisans Market on 25 East Main Street, Cambridge, NY (518-677-2765)
When: September 29 - October 24, 2017
Opening: Sunday October 1, 2017 from 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Why with Marina Petro? I have know Marina since I was 20 years old. Marina and I share a passion for the spiritual in our work. Marina is a clairvoyant, an ultra empath and what I would term as highly evolved, a type of person the world needs more of. She is also a very talented artist, as many people who are moved towards the spirit, and of awareness, tend to be. She has several different styles including her angel and spiritual work, her bold and bright in the zone series and her very popular still life series. To see more of her styles, go HERE.
In many ways our interests run parallel as well, in that I also enjoy making still lifes called the bouquet series (which also includes food, although mine is in photography) and bold abstract work as well (with my signature doves: note -- I am still uploading pieces, but it gives you an idea).
I like to think that we are kindred spirits in art.

To see all of the works she is creating (at break-neck speed!), visit her blog HERE

To see the kind of work I will be showing, and why (it is a new direction for me, one I started in 2016), GO HERE. I also discuss why I make the kinds of pieces that I make, how it is connected to the spiritual, how it ties into being a messenger of peace and a voice for survivors and the vulnerable, and what the symbols mean in my work (bunnies, doves, white trees and Tarot figures).

Another art work from Marina:

  "Cheer Filled Garden"
© 2017 by Marina Petro
available for sale HERE

one of mine:

"The Attraction"
© 2017 by Lise Winne
original available for sale at Valley Artisans for the show until further notice
archival prints, totes and more for sale HERE 

new art and art show with doves and bunnies

"The Attraction"
© 2017
watercolor and ink
available for sale as a print and other products HERE
art work size: 11" x 14" in a 16" x 20" frame (for the original)

At a local gallery, Valley Artisans Market in Cambridge, NY, as was announced in this post, I am having a show with Marina Petro called "Inspired by Spirit". We are primarily going to be showing original paintings, but I think there may some greeting cards and prints for sale too. Almost all of these artworks from this post will be in the show. 

(Note: If you are interested in the original above e-mail me at sales(att) (I will be moving it around to different shows and galleries after it has shown at Valley Artisans Market, other wise click this link for a variety of other products, including prints. 

All of these pieces represent a different direction for me and my art (and most feature a night sky).

Here is what the tote bag looks like from my on-line store:

Totes available HERE

My artist statement for the show:
I found that through 32 years of selling art, clients who purchase particular pieces of art are unconsciously attracted to the symbolism present in the pieces. When they are made aware of what the piece is conveying, using Jungian concepts, Tarot-type meanings and typical spiritual dream symbolism across cultures, they often identify with these symbols in their present lives or self.

In my own work, I use doves to represent spirit. They also represent peace, of course. But in many cultures, the dove is also a messenger to sacrifice oneself to a higher cause, to purify oneself of lower agendas and to acquire devotion to a cause, people or persons. It is a call to more awareness, to seeing spirit and meaning in everything. When an art work has doves combined with other spirit animals, the dove is part of the overall meaning or story of the piece.

Noticing spirit is not something bestowed upon "special people", but rather a kind of noticing "everything as much as possible" perception. I like to think that all living things have an awareness, from the sickly trampled on weed growing in the sidewalk cracks to the spoiled King. Once we are aware of spirit in everything then compassion, peace and learning lessons become life goals. It is easy to hate that which we don't understand, but once we are open to understanding, then compassion is all that can exist. Peace and compassion are also about nurturing and promoting life and giving up on ideas of destruction. When we are at peace with the beings around us, that is also when we notice their spirit.

Why bunnies and doves?

To me bunnies represent the vulnerable: children, survivors of abuse, the disabled, and so on. They have a lot to overcome in dodging predators, but they do. As many of you know, I write another blog for survivors of abuse right here on blogspot called "Misadventures with Angry Alcoholics, Bullies and Narcissists", so when I make these art works, I am thinking about survivors of abuse first and foremost.

But, what about the dove? How does that relate? They typically represent spirit, peace, sacrifice, purification. But they are also the messengers for peace, which is very much about what writing the blog is for me. The promotion of kindness, empathy and thoughtfulness is what will evolve the human race from abusive tendencies (people who intentionally hurt other people), narcissism, perspecticide, war and shaming (shaming being an act of prejudicy -- and yes, this can and does include parents doing this to children as well) ... note: all of the highlighted links go to blogs I have written and illustrated except the one on perspecticide. 

In "The Attraction", there is also a cat, bats and a tree. In mythology, the cat represents rebirth, resurrection and unpredictability and may have other "agendas" in being attracted to the doves, although it is white (the color of purification) too. Bats typically represent death and life, endings and beginnings, transitions. The white tree represents a connection to our true identity, revolutionary wisdom, enlightenment. The whole piece is about being attracted to our higher natures, about communicating peace and spiritual motives, accepting transitions (endings and beginnings), to form a revolutionary new wisdom about ones place in the world. 

"Three Messengers"
© 2017
available for sale as a print and other products HERE
the design of this piece is dedicated to Lenora Thompson and 500 Pound Peep,
two other bloggers who write for survivors of child abuse

The next one is an acrylic painting (the frame I painted myself comes with it):

 "A Deep Thought"
© 2017
13.5" x 16.5"
acrylic painting on panel
only the original is available at this time

Next is one that has references to Tarot symbolism:

"Wand with Magician and Jester"
© 2017
14" x 18" 
acrylic painting on canvas
only the original painting is available for sale

Note: the original is square, not like the photograph.

The Magician in tarot symbolism is someone with skill who can manifest change in a "magical way". He has the ability to transform, to pull together resources, skills, and tools. He is close to the creative source, and has the ingenuity to make dreams come true, the power to attract an audience, the power to display knowledge and thought (sometimes esoteric). He has integrity and is a leader of sorts ... Since this magician is a type of rabbit, he will also have some of the symbolism of the rabbit (i.e. a survivor, even if previously vulnerable to prey). The magician is signified by the number one. One is the trail-blazer, the originator, the creator.

The jester in tarot symbolism is someone who is a word-smith, who speaks in riddles or non-sequiturs to keep from being beheaded by a king or queen. He (or she -- this one is a "she") can get away with being very, very wise (a kind of canary in the coal mine), of speaking his mind because he is not seen as a threat because he is deemed as "foolish" after all. People who want perspectives they can take or leave often prefer the fool or jester. The jester can take "wild thought and verbal leaps" into the unknown because he is aware that the audience is tentative and dismissively fearful at best. The jester is also signified by the number zero. The reason he is zero, is because he is not part of the intrigues at court; he is not a political figure; he does not represent any kind of an agenda because he is not a player "in the game". He is not "connected". He is just this wise messenger, this poet, who people choose to listen to or not to listen to, depending on their mindset. Thus he often also represents the unconscious.

The jester can be an inspiration to the Magician. People who start out as jesters can also end up as magicians. 

In this piece, the jester tries to make a grab for the wand first.

The wand signifies manifesting and channeling magic or energy, the power to change, transform, protect or do good, the tool of a champion or authority.

The doves are over each of their heads. This signifies messages of peace as all of the other works do.

"Spirit Tree"
© 2017
12" x 24"
acrylic painting on canvas
only the original is available for sale

In this piece there are a lot of doves. There is a bunny safely nestled into an opening of tree roots, and one outside to see the display of doves. Again, the white tree symbolizes a connection to our true identity, revolutionary wisdom and enlightenment. This one has no bark (except its roots are a bit "dirty" from the ground), thus a "spirit tree" giving a home to the doves (and to the message of peace). 

"Escape with a Blessing"
© 2016
8" x 8"
a more de-saturated version is available for sale as a print and other products HERE

"Between the Trees"
© 2017
available for sale as a print and other products HERE

This next one is similar to "Wand With Magician and Jester" except this one does not feature a jester. It preceded the one with the Jester, but has a magic all its own:

"The Magician"
© 2017
7.25" x 8.5"
watercolor and ink
available for sale as a print and other products HERE

totes available for sale HERE

The next one up is small. The original is slightly bigger than a 5 x 7. It is called "Breathing Life Into Darkness". 

Some greeting cards were made of the design with the word "Peace" inside.

The dove has all of the meaning and symbolism of the last piece, except this one is celestial. 

The idea behind this piece is that the world is not just black and white (i.e. made up of villains and saints). That goes for how human beings are too. The dove shows us that peace is in the rainbow world of colors. He breathes and speaks about colors and of life. The sanctity of life and relationships can only come about through peace.

Finding an end to abuse and domestic violence is the same as finding a way to end war and destruction. Domestic abuse is usually about bigotry/shaming of a family member (that is the reason for the insults and vilification; this is usually how domestic abuse starts).

"Breathing Life Into Darkness"
© 2017
5.25" x 7.125"
available for sale as a print and other products HERE
the original is in a local gallery

Here is what it looks like as a pillow:
pillows available for sale HERE
(choose size with drop-down and background color with slider)

framed prints available HERE
choose size, type of frame and mats in drop down
(this frame is PL6 in black with a snow white mat)

"The Meeting Under the Moon"
© 2016
4" x 12"
only the original is available for sale

"Night Surprise"
© 2016
only the original is available for sale

The next one up, the bunny is in a cocoon, healing, and in the protection of the roots of the tree. The piece is called "Bunny Nap in Tree Roots" to appeal to a wider audience, but to me, the meaning goes deeper than that. 

Doves fly overhead. Doves, again, represent peace, devotion, the spirit, sacrifice, messenger, purification. 

So I like to think that the bunny, after his restorative sleep, will awaken to a new life as peace-maker, as a messenger of the spirit, and will have pure intent. Often because of the horrific experience of abuse, survivors are generally also doves (they want peace and harmony in their own lives, and they want peace and harmony to prevail in the world). 

The symbol of the butterfly is resurrection, transformation, hope and deep change. 

In other words, after the bunny restores and is healed, he is deeply changed.

The symbol of the tree in this piece is: knowledge, nourishment, sustenance, the giver of life. 
"Bunny Nap in Tree Roots"
small: in an 8" x 10" frame matted
© 2017
watercolor and colored pencils
only the original is available for sale at this time

There will also be plenty of minis (5" x 5"s and 4" x 4"s -- and even smaller) like the next ones:

"Dove with Star"
5" x 5"
© 2016
mini acrylic painting
only the original is available for sale at this time
although I do have one for sale in this design that was heavily photo-shopped HERE

This next one is tiny. It is two and a quarter inches times three and a quarter inches and it is matted, but not framed. I won't have prints of it; it is meant to be an original only.

This one is celestial too, and a precursor to the one above. It is called "Dove With a Mission" and the premise behind this one is that there is no time to waste. We need to spread peace if we are to survive on this planet, and with each other.

"Dove with a Mission"
© 2017
2.25" x 3.25"
only the original is available for sale at this time

This next one is called "Resting Rabbit" and it is absolutely tiny (only one and a quarter inches times one and seven eighths of an inch, in other words, about as big as the end of one's thumb -- and yes, it is hard to make art so small, thus the simplistic rendition):

"Resting Rabbit"
© 2016
0.8" x 1.25"

Please note: If you are interested in any of the original pieces above e-mail me at sales(att) (I will be moving them around to different shows and galleries after it has shown at Valley Artisans Market). 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

new direction and the last unicorn

"September Unicorn"
© 2017
for sale here as an art print
if you are interested in purchasing the original, contact me via sales(att)
It is a 5 x 7 in an 8 x 10 gold frame 
(symbolism for the piece is at the end of the post)

I have some big news to tell (on all fronts, including my music), but there are still some fantasy art pieces I am still listing in my shop.  

So I will take some time to list them here before revealing my new direction and, for all intents and purposes, "my new life."

The "September Unicorn" original is available at a gallery at the moment. I can always take it out if you are interested in purchasing it. Contact me if you are interested: sales((att)) 

Here is what the prints of it look like framed and on various products:

framed prints are available HERE
using the drop-down on that page to the right, this is a GG8 frame (in the copper bronze section)
and a manor white mat

If you like a little more bulk and detail to your frame, 
here is one I found that is also in the drop-down:
in the drop down on THIS PAGE
go to the tabs "frame" and in the drop-down choose gold
it is VN5 with a mist mat

If you like your piece more "airy and light", here is another kind of frame:
in the drop down on THIS PAGE
go to the tabs "frame" and in the drop-down choose gold
it is J7 with a bright white mat

Here is what it looks like as a pillow
pillows are available for sale HERE
you can customize colors
the default color here is black

This is what it looks like as a tote bag:
tote bags available for sale HERE
you can customize background colors for this too

This is what it looks like as a mug (I put in stars on this rendition):

mugs available HERE
you can order small or large
(note: there is an image on two sides of this mug)

As for symbolism:

I have noticed that when talking to clients, they identify with the symbolic meanings as describing themselves. What a great discovery! I will describe what that means, but first, the symbolism itself:

unicorn: purity, innocence, spiritual messages, enlightenment, magic. The unicorn has been known to be an independent creature of high intelligence who swoons at the sight of a fair maiden who is pure of heart, and to even fall asleep in her lap. The unicorn's horn has been known to purify water. The unicorn was described during Renaissance times as an extremely wild woodland animal that was independent and could not be tamed.

full moon: the feminine, peak of clarity in a subtle way, reflection on events, insight from dreams

vines: continuity, tradition, eternity (note here that the vines are going dormant)

I often find that a client who is attracted to this piece enough to purchase it is usually a woman who is independent and of high intelligence, cannot be tamed, feels an attraction to the occupation of healing, is perceptive, and who likes the company of other beautiful women like herself who are pure of heart. She is likely to be against the DAPL pipeline or other causes where pollution of water is an issue. She is reflective and clarifies matters for others in a non-ostentatious way, gets insight and creative ideas from dreams, and may respect tradition even if it might be going dormant within her soul for a time (or she may be breaking with tradition altogether depending on whether she wants to cycle back into the traditions prevalent in her life).

my shop: