Wednesday, September 6, 2017

new direction and the last unicorn

"September Unicorn"
© 2017
for sale here as an art print
if you are interested in purchasing the original, contact me via sales(att)
It is a 5 x 7 in an 8 x 10 gold frame 
(symbolism for the piece is at the end of the post)

I have some big news to tell (on all fronts, including my music), but there are still some fantasy art pieces I am still listing in my shop.  

So I will take some time to list them here before revealing my new direction and, for all intents and purposes, "my new life."

The "September Unicorn" original is available at a gallery at the moment. I can always take it out if you are interested in purchasing it. Contact me if you are interested: sales((att)) 

Here is what the prints of it look like framed and on various products:

framed prints are available HERE
using the drop-down on that page to the right, this is a GG8 frame (in the copper bronze section)
and a manor white mat

If you like a little more bulk and detail to your frame, 
here is one I found that is also in the drop-down:
in the drop down on THIS PAGE
go to the tabs "frame" and in the drop-down choose gold
it is VN5 with a mist mat

If you like your piece more "airy and light", here is another kind of frame:
in the drop down on THIS PAGE
go to the tabs "frame" and in the drop-down choose gold
it is J7 with a bright white mat

Here is what it looks like as a pillow
pillows are available for sale HERE
you can customize colors
the default color here is black

This is what it looks like as a tote bag:
tote bags available for sale HERE
you can customize background colors for this too

This is what it looks like as a mug (I put in stars on this rendition):

mugs available HERE
you can order small or large
(note: there is an image on two sides of this mug)

As for symbolism:

I have noticed that when talking to clients, they identify with the symbolic meanings as describing themselves. What a great discovery! I will describe what that means, but first, the symbolism itself:

unicorn: purity, innocence, spiritual messages, enlightenment, magic. The unicorn has been known to be an independent creature of high intelligence who swoons at the sight of a fair maiden who is pure of heart, and to even fall asleep in her lap. The unicorn's horn has been known to purify water. The unicorn was described during Renaissance times as an extremely wild woodland animal that was independent and could not be tamed.

full moon: the feminine, peak of clarity in a subtle way, reflection on events, insight from dreams

vines: continuity, tradition, eternity (note here that the vines are going dormant)

I often find that a client who is attracted to this piece enough to purchase it is usually a woman who is independent and of high intelligence, cannot be tamed, feels an attraction to the occupation of healing, is perceptive, and who likes the company of other beautiful women like herself who are pure of heart. She is likely to be against the DAPL pipeline or other causes where pollution of water is an issue. She is reflective and clarifies matters for others in a non-ostentatious way, gets insight and creative ideas from dreams, and may respect tradition even if it might be going dormant within her soul for a time (or she may be breaking with tradition altogether depending on whether she wants to cycle back into the traditions prevalent in her life).

my shop:

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