Saturday, January 6, 2018

"Streak", new art featuring a horse leaping

title: Streak
© 2018
acrylic painting on paper
8" x 10"
(note: the copyright watermark does not appear on any products)

Keeping up with the direction of my newest body of work is this piece, called "Streak". Actually the horse's name is Streak. He is leaping through the night sky.

I would categorize this piece as storybook art.

Symbolic meanings in the piece:

* horse: balance of wisdom and power
* white horse: transformation, beginning and ending, freedom without restraint, purity, sometimes a sign of wealth and prosperity
* white heart: purity in love
* stars: inspiration, intuition, dreams
* vines: the eternal, infinity

I have archival prints and products available for sale in this design HERE. The original, at the time of this writing, is also available for sale. I have it in a local gallery at the moment, framed in white with a vanilla colored mat. However, if it is still available, please feel free to inquire at the e-mail, sales((att)) (you can purchase it with or without the frame).

I love how the tote bag came out in this design:

 tote bag available for sale HERE
choose sizes with drop-downs

Here is what it looks like as a pillow:

pillow available for sale HERE
choose sizes with drop-downs

Here is what it looks like with various framing options:

framed prints available HERE
choose frames and mats from drop-downs
this one is:
frame: in the blue category: FT15
mat: very white mat

this frame looks close to what the original frame looks like
again, framed prints available HERE
choose frames and mats from drop-downs
this one is:
frame: in the white category: PLC10
mat: manor white mat

Lastly, this is what this design looks like in a shower curtain:

shower curtains available HERE

More to come ... Until the next time ...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A New Direction at Valley Artisans Market

I have a totally new direction in my life as an artist in a gallery I have been showing at for many, many years. I am looking forward to it, and I hope you will come to see what I have been making.

It is a direction I have been working towards, but I didn't expect it to happen this quickly. Even so, it is a perfect start to the new year.

Why am I doing this? Greeting cards are not high art exactly. They are the equivalent of a romance novel for a writer. When talking to the membership, it seemed they preferred me showing my original art and prints on the walls and panels instead, and I was happy to oblige!

There are plenty of other places I sell (and can sell) my greeting cards. They don't need to be there. Showing more fine art will add more cohesion to my display. As you know, I have been selling small originals with the greeting cards for a good long while, and now I can go full tilt into it. 

If you are a customer of mine at Valley Artisans Market and you still want to purchase my greeting cards, tags and sets, e-mail me at sales((att)) I also have some designs for purchase in sets of one, ten, or twenty five HERE. I'll be able to point you to other shops or on-line places where you can still purchase these items.

Not packaging greeting cards for this particular shop will also allow me more time to focus on other shops, and on spending more time in the studio. Things happen for a reason. It is simply time to slow my production of greeting cards (which I don't want to make much more of anyway), and to make more meaningful work.

Thanks for being my customer for many years. Perhaps you'll enjoy my new work too.