Thursday, February 22, 2018

Unicorn with Red Roses and Butterflies

Unicorn with Red Roses and Butterflies
© 2018
available for sale HERE

I meant for this piece to be an addition to my fantasy art pieces (fantasy art and storybook art is what I am known for). It is meant to be tapestry-like, to mimic those from the Renaissance period.

This piece is in my shop on a variety of products including all manner of prints (canvas, paper, metal, framed and unframed), plus totes, pillows, mugs, tee shirts and other products. I thought I would give you a sense of what some of these products look like. 

Here is what you can find in terms of framing (all of these framing options are available in my shop):

framed prints available for sale HERE
This one is under black frames in the drop-down: #SM2
Choose a mat too: this one is manor white 

If you want to get fancy here is another idea:

framed prints available for sale HERE 
This one is under gold frames in the drop-down: #3VS
Choose a mat too: this one is Chinese Red

Here is what the piece can look like on a wall (note: this one has a white mat instead of the red):

Here is what it looks like as a large coffee mug:

Coffee mugs available for sale HERE
(note: the design is printed on two sides: front and back)

Here is what this piece looks like on a tote:

 Totes available for sale HERE
You will be asked to pick a background color. This one is #82004c

Here it is on a tee shirt:

tee shirts available for sale HERE

Here it is as a fleece blanket:

Blankets available for sale HERE
choose a background color. This one is #820026

Here is a big beach towel (60" in diameter) in this design for those of you who want to take the Renaissance on your visits to the ocean: 

Big 60" beach towels available HERE

I tried playing around with various filters for a day to get a different version of this piece and I found that I could offer it in yellow too. The yellow version also comes with all of the various products:

Unicorn with Yellow Flowers and Butterflies
available for sale HERE

That is it for now ...

I have been busy writing a book that features Renaissance faires, makes reference to Lord of the Rings, life as a musician, and even takes on the tough subject of bullying, abuse and sexual harassment in the midst of pursuing a life that is as peaceful as these unicorns, a life full of art and music. 

I'll let you know when it comes out.

Until next time ... and thank you for reading ...