Monday, March 12, 2018

Soar: white horse art

available for sale as a print or on a number of products HERE

Here are some of the products that come in this listing:

This is roughly a 15" x 20" print.
The frame is under black frames and is GL8
The mat is Arctic White with Black Core
Available for sale HERE
choose sizes, frame, mat, etc from drop-down

Here is what it looks like above a couch (and yes, as a 15" x 20" print):

Next up are some products:

Here is a how it looks as a greeting card (packs of cards are also available):

choose background color.
choose as a single or in a pack
This one is: #1b03ea
available for sale HERE

Here is how it looks as a weekender tote (note, the background is still #1b03ea):
Weekender Tote Bag
use slider to fit picture in
available for sale HERE

Here is how it looks on:

The original is acrylic on paper, 11" x 14" and for sale in a 16" x 20" silver frame. It is in a local gallery, but you can contact me if you are interested: sales((att)) 

Here is the best I could do with appearance (the real frame is less towards the beige spectrum and more towards true silver):

Here are the symbolic meanings in the piece:

* horse: balance of wisdom and power
* white horse: transformation, beginning and ending, freedom without restraint, purity, sometimes a sign of wealth and prosperity
* stars: inspiration, intuition, dreams
* vines: the eternal, infinity
* white trees: connection to our true identity, revolutionary wisdom, enlightenment

Until next time ...

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Magazine Model App, a distraction from making art

APP PHOTO OF MOI: makeup and airbrushed to make me look like a magazine model
If you want to try out their APP, CLICK HERE to do it

So, I had some fun with an app one night that makes one look like a magazine model. It's floating around, and a lot of people I know have tried it. 

There are a lot of these kinds of apps these days: what you'd look like if you were a man, for instance. Never tried it. In fact, I never try any of them because downloading an app usually means a lot of unwanted junk gets loaded onto your computer and then you find that you often want to remove it (if you know how to). 

In the original photo I'm not wearing any make-up at all, not a speck of it, so what I look like with  makeup is accurate. The airbrushing is what takes away the details of your face: the subtle dimples on the side of my face, the few extra lines under my eyes, the higher plumper cheek bones that I have, and everyone I know who has tried the app says it whitens the eyes around the pupil. Yup. But I understand that this is what is done to fashion models and to Hollywood stars posing for magazines. Glam is all of the rage.

Would I be happy with the results if it was for an actual magazine shoot? Probably, as a photo, but I actually hate to wear make up. I don't like the way it feels, and mostly I feel phony and not myself when I have it on. Close-up, too, eyelashes clump together in a kind of shiny gooey way. 

For performing on stage, I do wear a brown eyeliner and a lipstick that matches my own lip color which is naturally a rosy color (the lipstick smooths out the color). 

Here is another photo (taken from the photo in my banner atop this page) -- again, in the original photo I am not wearing any make up at all, and yes, my side dimples aren't apparent in the mag one either:

This one is from my website: 

Here are a couple more:

I have just finished a painting this morning and will be loading it very soon.