Friday, April 30, 2010

Flippy the Feather Duster, Exotic Bird Series

(note: copyright watermark does not appear in actual piece)

Here is another piece from my exotic bird series. You can see prior ones in this blog. The others were painted on thick bristol, but I got tired of worrying about the paints running too much, so I switched to Arches watercolor for this one.

I have this one up in the on-line store as tags, but will be adding prints soon. (note: edit on 12/16/11: the piece is available as a print.  Check my Artfire on-line shop or Etsy on-line shop for availability)
Painting these is just so much fun. No need to worry about borders, backgrounds, foregrounds, a context or perspective. Just create a new creature. Almost a new concept for me!

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