Monday, October 4, 2010

White Feather original painting & print

White Feather original watercolor and ink
7" x 9"

This is part of the Windswept Doves series. I had a bad flu all last week and this is what I worked on while I was in bed. I always come back to the theme of doves or angels when I'm down. It was slow going because I was mostly sleeping.

When I scanned it in yesterday, it seemed bright, psychedelic and almost neon. I tried different approaches in the computer and came up with this one for a limited edition giclee print:

White Feather limited edition giclee prints
7" x 9"

I have it listed in 2 online shops: Etsy and Artfire (yes, I am presently opening another on-line shop-- more about that later, though I did notice that the one at Etsy presently has 0 views and the one on Artfire has 7 views and they were both put online at the same time... hmmm...).

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