Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angel Penelope of the Grain

Angel Penelope of the Grain
(after Bliss McIntosh's corn husk and milkweed winged angels)
© 2011

Available on-line HERE. She may also be available as a print soon and via my ETSY SHOP during the holidays.

Here is a blurry photo of my inspiration:

Corn Husk and Milkweed Winged Angel holding a trumpet by Bliss McIntosh
(find more of her work HERE)

As it turns out, we are sharing space in a gallery (Valley Artisans Market) for the holiday season and probably beyond (perhaps until next summer). Thus began the inspiration to do some work based on her pieces.

And as it turns out (to my delightful discovery upon finishing this piece) the face of the angel looks a lot like Lisa Lynne! Check it out:

face of Angel Penelope

Lisa plays the harp (as well as a variety of exotic instruments) and she has produced many, many CDs of enchanting music. The horn that the angel plays might just fit in with the rest of her collection. Check out Lisa Lynne's website HERE.

I have been inspired by Bliss before. Here is a piece from 2004:

Angels of the Seed Celebrate New Life
© 2004
When I was zooming in on the grain part while designing "Angel Penelope of the Grain", I was struck by how many bugs were clinging to it (hope you'll be able to detect them in the pictures on this blog). All the bugs are captured in the final piece, though it is harder to see them than in these photos. Anyway, here they are:

bugs in the grain
(part of the job!)




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