Saturday, May 5, 2012

painted butterfly box in mint green

painted butterfly box in mint green
© 2011
hand painted trinket or jewelry box, one of a kind
4.75" long x 2.75" in width and 1.5" in depth (i.e. 12.065 cm long, 6.985 cm in width and 3.81 cm deep)

There is only one, but I am listing it in two shops and hope that no one buys them at the same day, hour and minute. It can be purchased through my Artfire on-line shop through THIS LINK  or through my Etsy on-line shop through THIS LINK.

I painted a lot of trinket boxes in the winter of 2011. I had always meant to list them in one or both of my on-line stores, but never got around to it (as you might be able to tell, I enjoy painting and making things a lot, lot more than photographing and listing them). Better late than never, yes?

These are hand-painted (not decoupage or decals), so they are painstaking (and also cost a bit more because of that). They are coated on all sides (including the inside) with a layer of glossy polyurethane. 

I'll try to list as many of these as I can in the next few days as I also have a backlog of greeting card designs to show you too.

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  1. Love this trinket butterfly box! Course I am a sucker for butterflies and dragonflies!

  2. Thanks, Karen Anne. This is one of 4.