Thursday, August 2, 2012

heart amulet by Ireland Brady

Crocheted Heart Amulet by Ireland Brady

I just received this wonderful amulet that Karen Anne Brady (i.e. Ireland Brady) made. I won it in her blog give-away contest HERE. It came with full instructions on how to make it which was totally unexpected. Love it! 

I will be modeling it soon, so stay tuned!! 

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  1. Hi Lise! I am so happy you like it! Just got home from nearly 3 weeks of "primitive" camping (meaning you get a campfire ring, picnic table, running water (if you are lucky) and toilets)in campgrounds in the Pacific NW, we hit 4 great places in Tillamook County and for the most part had great weather ... was absolutely WONDERFUL! Of course the day we came home (today) the area is being blessed with truly hot weather (102 degrees in Portland, OR) and the A/C in our mini motor home was on the fritz and the poor dog (who hates water) was so hot he let me pour water all over him! Nice to be back home where the window A/C units are providing a nice cool home coming. Will write more about our excursion on my blog later. Just wanted to pop in and say HI for now!