Monday, August 27, 2012

Windswept Doves Trinket Box

Windswept Dove Trinket Box
hand painted box for jewelry, trinkets or keepsakes
© 2012
available in my Artfire on-line shop HERE
may also be available in the folk art section in my Etsy shop HERE
(part of the "Windswept Doves series" - the rest of the series is view-able HERE)

I painted this box in the winter of 2012. The top is painted with artist grade archival acrylic paints and the part that is alazarin crimson (i.e. the rest of it) is painted with folk art paints. 

Since I had so many wall paintings in this style and subject matter, I wanted to try a painting on a box too. 

Here is a view of the top:



  1. Beautifully executed! Great theme and I like the colors you chose.

    Uh, maybe I am wrong ... but isn't the winter of 2012 yet to come? (chuckle)

  2. Hi, Karen Anne! Thank you!

    As for the winter of 2012: all I know is that it was very snowy outside my studio windows when I was painting these boxes. Snow lasts through April (mostly), so it could have been painted in the Spring as well (except this Spring was so much warmer than previous Springs).