Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fairy Queue

Fairy Queue
© 2016
available for sale as a print (in a multitude of sizes), and as home decor and other products through this link at LISE WINNE.NET
or available for sale as a 11 x 14 hand signed giclee print HERE 

If you have been following along, I started a series featuring altered photographs. The last one was "A Dragon Confides in a Fairy" (viewable HERE). In this piece, I feature a procession of fairies with flowers, a butterfly  and fairy orbs. 

Here are some details of the piece:

detail: at the back of the queue

detail from the middle of the queue

detail from the beginning of the queue
(notice how their clothing is adorned with butterflies)

Here are just a few framing options that you can customize through (many more combinations are available, but these are some samples):

gold frame with mist mat

green frame with snow white mat

beige frame (plc8) with mist mat

 purple frame with purple mat

This is the original photograph that it came from. It was a windy day, which is why the hair is flying and the Wizard's cape is blowing back. You can tell I changed a lot including clothing colors, putting wings and pointy ears on the figures, taking the glasses off of another figure, and putting them in a different background with all things associated with a tiny fairies (big flowers, large butterfly, orbs, nature):

derived from an original photo

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