Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Angels Communicate in the Evening and How Angels Communicate in the Evening II

Note: the copyright watermarks do not appear in the actual art (needed for on-line display only).

These are 2 new designs I finished on October 19 from graphically altering relief sculptures. The relief sculpture was done on a wall-hanging platter shape. The platter is visible on my website here. You can see that I did quite a bit of altering to make it into a graphic. I have shown the actual sculpture in a number of places, but the graphic alteration is completely new.

As I said in my previous post, I like the monochromatic effect I get with playing with and re-arranging my ceramic sculptures in this way. It gives another life to my ceramic creations and it is another art form I am just now discovering. I like working in the two mediums and this is a way for me to do that.

Right now I have the images for sale in my Etsy shop as greeting cards, but I may do more to make them into prints (& possibly other alterations down the road). Once I printed the greeting cards, they looked different from what was in my monitor, so I tried to represent them as best I could with the other two images (shown). Monitors display colors differently though, so it may be a futile exercise.

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