Saturday, September 11, 2010


I can't seem to resist putting everything in a circle. Must be I'm still a potter in heart, mind and soul. And perhaps the symmetry is also akin to being a musician where the sound on an acoustic instrument often comes out of a hole. Hmmm...

Anyway, this painting is another OSWOA (an original painting, 4" x 6"). It is up in ye olde on-line store. (edit on 12/16/11: I have since started up an Artfire shop and there is a larger selection there than at Etsy). 

I was painting OSWOAs this summer as a distraction from large projects, heat and high humidity but now they are becoming irresistable. It is a bit like throwing small bowls and tea bowls and putting decorations on the rims (which I did for 25 years and aim to do again once I get all of my current 2-d projects done... might be at least a year...). 

Small bowls were good to make because it meant getting the kiln stuffed to capacity, i.e. fitting inbetween the larger pieces & not wasting room. I don't know what my excuse for making OSWOAs is, but I'll find one!

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