Friday, September 24, 2010

Oak Leaf with Acorn Border

(note: copyright watermarks do not appear in actual art)

After my last project ("Pumpkin Faerie"... refer to last blog post), this was a relatively unambitious project. I had been out walking last weekend and picked up some acorns and a clump of oak leaves. I put them on a small table next to me as I finished the pumpkin faerie. They kept "speaking to me" out of the corner of my eye, as the saying goes, and as soon as I was done with the faerie, I started right in on this one.

Right now, I've got it for sale as a print in ye olde online store. (edited on 12/16/11 to say it is also available through my Artfire on-line store, which at prersent has the largest selection). I will probably be adding greeting cards & fine art gift tags in this design too at some point.

I also got a piece accepted into a juried art exhibit called "Black and White" at Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Center. The opening for the exhibit is October 1, 2010 from 5 - 7. And yes, I will be at the opening unless I get the miserable cold that everyone in my family has (ugh). 

Here is the front of the postcard (© Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Center):

I've also spent some time making Etsy treasuries this month (it is a good way to network & support each other). Here are my recent treasuries. I show them in the order I did them, i.e. my first in the month to my latest (note: if there appear to be missing items, it is either because they sold or expired after the treasury was made):

The next one was made for a group of artists who I got to know through a particular forum (many of whom are overlooked by the company) to show the company that there are worthwhile items on Etsy than the sellers they constantly promote:

This next one was also made for these same group of artists: 

This one was made late on the evening after my walk through the woods picking up oak leaves and acorns:

I've also been featured in treasuries by some of the same artists that I featured. I will share that with you next time.

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